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The Partnership

The service we provide is a joint effort between two companies - Endeavour Tax Partners Ltd and Right Surveyors Asset Management Ltd. The former provides the taxation services and is ultimately the point of contact and invoicing party. The latter provides the surveying and expert consultation services which ensure you get the most out of our service.

The reason many companies don't fully exploit their potential for property capital allowances is that their accountants are not aware of, or do not have the required skills to identify, the full extent of applicable items; including plant and machinery. Thus, combining a team of Chartered Surveyors (property experts) and Taxation Specialists leaves no stone unturned - which is the fundamental reason we can extract thousands of additional, legitimate capital allowance claims even from properties where claims have already been made.

Who do I speak to during the process?

Endeavour Tax Partners take the lead on the taxation and due diligence matters. They will conduct the assessments, issue your quotation and guide you through the process from start to finish. When a fee is agreed, it is between you and Endeavour. The role of the surveyors is typically in the background, with the exception of the on-site survey.

My accountant thinks we can't do this. Why is that?

We are more than happy to explain the service and relevant UK Property Capital Allowances legislation to clients' accountants (CAA2001). We hope to provide an excellent service and, by doing so, obtain future referrals. Usually, it's a case of crossed wires and can mainly be resolved at the outset - typically it is because we can bring to their attention claimable items which they weren't aware of previously. There are always client-specific factors which we will need to understand and, with the initial phone calls being free of charge, you have nothing to lose with enquiring.

What are your fees?

We provide a bespoke fee depending on the value and complexity of the case. We can provide a Fee Match Guarantee for any other quote provided to us in writing to put your mind at ease. Part of the reason we are cheaper than our competitors is that we charge a survey fee on instruction. Competitors who don't do this aim to recover this cost and more with higher percentage fees - meaning we are almost always the cheapest, as well as the most effective option.

Can I trust you?

We understand that instructing a company to work on your behalf in any context is a difficult and risky decision, but there are two key reasons why you can trust us:

  • This partnership includes Chartered Surveyors who are bound by an ethical code of conduct. With typically seven years professional training before reaching this status, each surveyor with us is a reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy professional and it is they who identify much of the capital allowance savings. If they weren't trustworthy, they simply wouldn't be a Chartered Surveyor - the highest mark of property professionalism worldwide.

  • The only fee you pay during the process is to compensate the surveyor for his or her time. Our fees are based on how much we save you, so we don't make money until you save money! As such, we are incentivized to work hard for you.

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Ian Dony MRICS - Chartered Surveyor

Mr Ian Dony BSc DipBldgCons FCABE MRICS
James Hume - Capital Allowance Specialist

Mr James Hume BA (hons) MA

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